Why do couples break up around the holidays?
Written by Monica Donaldson Stewart

Why do couples break up around the holidays?

You can’t turn on the TV at the end of the year without seeing an engagement ring advertisement. While some couples are just starting their love story during the holiday season, many other relationships are falling apart. Thanksgiving is the beginning of a long holiday season, often filled with anticipation and stress. Many couples decide to break up around Thanksgiving to avoid a mid-holiday break up in December.

Reasons Couples Break Up Around the Holidays

From disappointment to exhaustion, many feelings may creep in when your relationship is suffering during the holiday season. Some reasons couples break up around the holidays include:

  • Mismatched Responsibilities. This can be the last straw. In many families, one person plans everything: gifts, meals, celebrations and so on. This can bring attention to one person doing more than the other throughout the year, too. For long-term relationships, the holiday responsibilities can trigger “enough is enough.”
  • Self-Reflection. When couples break up around the holidays, it’s often due to self-reflection. You remember the magic of holidays as a child and your wonderful family traditions. As you examine your relationship, you start to realize it’s not enough.
  • Unmet Expectations. The pressure you feel wanting your partner to show up and be cordial at holiday events can cause an emotional crash-and-burn.

If your relationship has been rocky for a while, you may feel as if you can’t handle another holiday season pretending everything is okay. If you’re ready to end your marriage, it may be time to consider divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Option

Maricopa County couples have the option to keep their divorces out of court. Litigious, courtroom drama rarely leads to a positive experience. Collaborative divorce is structured to keep families at the center, while couples work together with a group of professionals to develop a mutually agreeable outcome. Collaborative divorce is always children-first when brainstorming for the future.

Collaborative divorce offers customized solutions with professional guidance from:

  • Arizona Attorneys. Collaborative divorce is a customizable divorce that protects you and your family. Your attorney will guide you to make long-term decisions and agreements that will serve you, your ex-spouse and your children.
  • Communication Specialists. Your communication breakdown might be part of the reason for your divorce. Now, you want to build a new life and start fresh. A communication specialist can help you learn how to acknowledge the mutual respect you have for each other and take steps to change the way you interact going forward. If you have children, your relationship never ends; it changes. Professional communication coaching can help you interact effectively and with care.
  • Neutral Financial Professionals. How should you divide assets and debts? Financial mistakes during a divorce can return to haunt both and your spouse later. A neutral financial professional that understands Arizona-specific laws can explain your options and how they can impact your future.

A break up around the holidays is never easy, but you have options. If you’re ready to learn more about Arizona collaborative divorce, contact Best Legal Choices.