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What does a collaborative divorce attorney do?

No one expects to get divorced when they get married. Unfortunately, some marriages do not work out. But you don’t have to throw the love and respect for the person you married out the window. This is the place where a collaborative divorce attorney can help. If you need to get a divorce in the Phoenix area, we can help you work together for the best results.

Starting with Process

It’s no secret that marital troubles often start with communication. When that breaks down, it can be hard to resolve even the simplest of problems. If you can’t communicate on how to manage life together, how can you hope to get through the divorce?

A collaborative divorce attorney starts there. Arizona recommends mediation as the first step in the divorce process, and we begin by getting you talking. When you understand the needs and fears of the other person, it helps you come together with a plan. This serves as the core of how we help you reach an agreement.

Managing Your Assets

Most people think of divorce as a fight about money. This does play its part. You may have combined incomes and responsibilities that each of you must now face alone. The divorce agreement will account for finances going forward.

Both members of a couple worry about this. If you had equal incomes, each of you will still move into a separate life with less than you had. And if one person was the main breadwinner, you will both worry about fairness. What you need and what you deserve may seem at odds.

A collaborative divorce attorney works to make this a conversation, not a fight. Your expectations of marriage may not have worked out, but you still care about each other. We help you work past the fear and get to a place of understanding. Instead of battling over dollars, we help you think about the lives you want and need: for yourself and for each other.

This isn’t always easy. But we believe it should be about working together for the right solution, not for one person “winning” while the other “loses.” The agreement should become something you can feel good about at the end of the process. We work with you to help you find that place.

What About the Kids?

When you have children together, a respectful process matters even more. You have created a family. The children should never have to choose sides between their parents. You just want to do what will be best for them.

That is not always easy. When both parents love their kids, divorce will take its toll on them. You have to find the right arrangement to lessen their emotional pain and take care of their financial needs. And you need to find a way to keep working together to raise them.

Your collaborative divorce attorney works first to find the areas where you and your spouse agree.

What do you really want for your children?

This can include school choice, religious training, and many other aspects of who you are and they will become. You want them safe and healthy. And will make choices you believe will help them.

From that point, you can start to work on arrangements. Is sole custody with visitation better for them and both of you, or will evenly shared custody be better? You want them to understand you both love them and want the best for them. A good collaborative divorce attorney will keep you focused there while you work out the details.

Work with a BestLegalChoices.com Collaborative Divorce Attorney

You don’t get married with divorce in mind, but the process does not have to be bitter. Working with a collaborative divorce attorney at BestLegalChoices.com gives you a path to agree on finances and care for your children. We will get you communicating and help you reach an agreement that works for all involved.

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