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The Cost of Divorce

Hi, I’m Wendy Hernandez. I’m a Phoenix family law attorney, and I’m also the founder of Hernandez family law firm. I’ve been practicing family law in Central Phoenix for about 20 years, and I’m also a collaboratively trained divorce attorney.

So, one of the questions that people always have for me, when they come to meet with me in my office is; how much is this divorce going to cost me? I can never tell people I know exactly how much is divorce is going to cost because it depends on a lot of factors. But one thing that I can tell you about collaborative divorce is the opportunity for reducing the cost of your divorce is much greater than it is in traditional litigation.

For example, in collaborative divorce you’re not going to be paying for things like discovery, propounding discovery requests, or responding to discovery requests from the other side. Those are huge fee generators that go back and forth between the parties in. traditional litigation. In collaborative divorce, you’re not going to be paying for your attorney to drive to court and then wait in court, especially when a judge is running late and spend hundreds of dollars for what’s really a five-minute status conference that’s not going to happen. You’re going to know exactly the number of meetings that you’re going to have with your professionals and the other professionals handling your case at the outset. So, you’re going to be able to predict your costs a little better than you are during over traditional litigation.

In collaborative divorce. if certain issues come up for example whether you’re going to get to spend an overnight with your children over the holidays or on your child’s birthday. Instead of running the court and filing a motion, you can talk with the professionals about it and hopefully get it resolved really quickly.

So, because you’re not having to focus on being nickeled and dimed to death, and all the money that’s going out, your time, your energy, and your pocketbook are freer so you can focus on rebuilding your future.

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