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When Is The Right Time To File For Divorce?

CRAIG CHERNEY: Good afternoon, my name is Craig Cherney and I’m with Canterbury Law Group in North Scottsdale.

MICHAEL JUILFS: I’m Michael Juilfs with Fair Share Divorce in Scottsdale.

CRAIG CHERNEY: So today we’re going to talk about: When is it the right time to file for divorce? Every family, every couple is different. And I think in my experience in the law, there’s several times when I see – the timing seems to click. And number one would be: Are you currently active in therapy or counseling, and is that counseling starting to fail? Is the spouse not showing up to the sessions? Are you not mutually, deeply committed to the therapy? If that train is losing steam, it may be time to file.

Michael, what other times have you seen where the trigger point kicks in?

MICHAEL JUILFS: Well, one of the things that I often run across as a financial professional is that quite often couples have disagreements about money and finances. And sometimes if counseling or working together doesn’t resolve those, it may be time to think about divorce, because unfortunately, people tend to get into debt and make poor financial decisions and things like that, which just kind of digs the hole deeper. And then if you’re then divorced, both of you got to deal with the consequences of those decisions.


CRAIG CHERNEY: That makes sense. And I think that dovetails to the next concept, which is trust. Is trust broken in the marriage? They say trust is like a glass house. Once there’s a breakage, it’s really hard to put those pieces back together. And unless you’re willing to fully commit to forgiveness for the bad actor with bad trust situations in a marriage, in my experience it’s probably time to face the music and move on.

MICHAEL JUILFS: And we see that a lot in financial issues, especially where someone’s hiding spending or assets, things like that. Unfortunately, it’s all too common.

CRAIG CHERNEY: Yeah, that’s all we have for today.