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25-681 Child support arrest warrant

A. In any action or proceeding pursuant to section 25-502, on motion of a party or on its own motion the court may issue a child support arrest warrant if the court finds that all of the following apply to the person for whom the warrant is sought:

1. The person was ordered by the court to appear personally at a specific time and location.

2. The person received actual notice of the order, including a warning that the failure to appear might result in the issuance of a child support arrest warrant.

3. The person failed to appear as ordered.

B. The judicial officer shall order the child support arrest warrant and the clerk shall issue the warrant. The warrant shall contain the name of the person to be arrested and other information required to enter the warrant in the Arizona criminal justice information system. The warrant shall command that the named person be arrested and either remanded to the custody of the sheriff or brought before the judicial officer or, if the judicial officer is absent or unable to act, the nearest or most accessible judicial officer of the superior court in the same county. A warrant that is issued pursuant to this section remains in effect until it is executed or extinguished by the court.

C. The court shall determine and the warrant shall state the amount the arrested person shall pay in order to be released from custody.

D. For the purposes of this article, “child support arrest warrant” means an order that is issued by a judicial officer in a noncriminal child support matter and that directs a peace officer in this state to arrest the person named in the warrant and bring the person before the court.