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25-1012 Cooperation between courts

A. A court of this state may request the appropriate court of another state to:

1. Hold an evidentiary hearing.

2. Order a person to produce or give evidence pursuant to procedures of that state.

3. Order that an evaluation be made with respect to the custody of a child involved in a pending proceeding.

4. Forward to the court of this state a certified copy of the transcript of the record of the hearing, the evidence otherwise presented and any evaluation prepared in compliance with the request.

5. Order a party to a child custody proceeding or any person having physical custody of the child to appear in the proceeding with or without the child.

B. On request of a court of another state, a court of this state may hold a hearing or enter an order described in subsection A.

C. Travel and other necessary and reasonable expenses incurred under subsections A and B may be assessed against the parties according to the law of this state.

D. A court of this state shall preserve the pleadings, orders, decrees, records of hearings, evaluations and other pertinent records with respect to a child custody proceeding until the child attains eighteen years of age. On appropriate request by a court or law enforcement official of another state, the court shall forward a certified copy of those records.