Signs your long distance relationship won't last long
Written by Judy Morse

Signs your long distance relationship won’t last long

Maintaining relationships takes hard work when you’re in a long-distance relationship, but it is especially true if you are married and trying to maintain your relationship.  Do you spend time worrying that it may not last? Are you missing the signs that indicate your marriage is heading for trouble? Here are some common red flags you can look for to see if your long-distance relationship is on rocky ground.

Reassurance Fades

A relationship can’t sustain the test of time without trust and reassurance. Eventually, calls may be shorter, more time may pass between visits and sharing day to day experiences may become less and less detailed. A lack of connection to each other’s lives can lead to a faint feeling of emotional distance.

Planning Participant

Just like any couple, long distance relationships should include discussions about the future. Ultimately, the two of you may share the common goal of being together in the same location. If your significant other seems to lose interest in planning the details of the future, the relationship may be in trouble.

Baffling Behavior

Behavioral indicators are a common sign of a failing long-distance relationship. You may notice changes in language, like no longer using endearing nicknames. Your once gift-giving partner may slowly stop sending flowers or small tokens of affection.

On the surface, these things might seem insignificant. Digging deeper to look for the reason may surprise you with how much has changed. If you find yourself missing those “little things,” it may mean your relationship is on the rocks.

Awkward Arrivals

When the two of you finally get a chance to visit one another, it should be exciting and fun. If your long distance relationship has been waning, your visit may seem boring or even awkward. If being with each other in person doesn’t feel like it used to, it may mean feelings have changed.

Social Media Shut-Out

Perhaps one of the biggest signs your long-distance relationship may be in trouble is being suddenly blocked from social media accounts. Whether you are unfriended, or your view of activities is censored, a change in accessibility may mean there is something to hide.

Delayed Details

Inclusion is an important part of any relationship. Delayed details could be a sign that the relationship is suffering. Are you learning about your significant other’s promotion weeks after it happened? Maybe you’re surprised to hear they’re spending all of their time with a new group of friends. Are you avoiding sharing details from your life, too?

Sometimes life just gets busy. Other times holding back details is a sign of trouble. Is there something to hide or are you just not talking as much anymore? Hearing about major events long after they’ve happened could be a red flag.

Choice or Chore?

When communication seems like a chore, rather than the highlight of your day, it’s time to re-evaluate your long-distance relationship. It’s not uncommon to experience off days where the conversation is bland. However, if the chats are regularly boring or you find yourself ignoring their call, there may be something wrong with the relationship. Take time to address what is changing.

Best Legal Choices

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you feel as if your marriage isn’t going to last, we can help. Collaborative divorce offers an option that focuses on respect and communication to avoid a high-stress courtroom situation. Contact the professionals at Best Legal Choices for help navigating the next stage of your life.