Recognizing that your marriage is failing
Written by Jennifer Moshier

Recognizing that your marriage is failing

If you feel like your marriage is failing, you’re not alone. Looking back, you may feel like you’ve overlooked some red flags. It’s not uncommon to face difficulties in a marriage. However, without taking the proper steps to address these issues and improve the relationship – divorce is possible.

If both spouses are willing to communicate openly and honestly, you may be able to work through the issues and reconcile your differences. If not, here are some signs that your marriage is failing.

Financial Incompatibility

Often, financial incompatibility can create issues within a marriage. If one spouse is a penny-pincher while the other loves to spend extravagantly, arguments are likely to ensue. Financial problems can arise regardless of how much income is brought home.

It’s important to share similar financial goals. Have open and honest discussions about how much money is coming and going. Couples should work together to set spending priorities and specific goals.

Lack of Communication

Healthy communication is imperative to a healthy, long-lasting marriage. Couples who don’t consider the long-term effects of their words may start bickering, arguing, or barely speaking at all. A lack of communication is another sign that your marriage is failing.

It’s important for couples to make an effort to maintain clear channels of communication. Both spouses should commit to unplug and discuss any issues in the marriage. Try to avoid criticism and judgmental statements during discussions. This helps both spouses feel comfortable speaking freely, without fear of repercussions. Once an issue is settled, try to let bygones be bygones and avoid bringing up the past.

Physical Distance

Intimacy is often an essential part of a healthy relationship. It’s important for couples to maintain a healthy physical relationship during marriage. If you notice a lack of intimacy, it’s important to face the issue head-on instead of waiting for the problem to fix itself.

Start by talking. Open and honest communication is the first step to getting the marriage back on track. Avoid placing the blame on your spouse. Both spouses should make a continued effort to reconnect. This can be done with simple romantic gestures or shared experiences, like a couple’s massages or regular date nights.

Consult a Professional

If you think your marriage is failing, it’s important to consider all your options. Admitting your marriage is failing is the first step to making changes. In some cases, consulting with a professional is the next option.

If you think it’s time to explore your options, Best Legal Choices is here to help. Ask about collaborative divorce, an option when both spouses are willing to work together to avoid the high conflict of a typical divorce.