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As a collaborative professional whether you are a licensed family attorney, mental health professional or financial expert you have the ability to help families in incredibly difficult situations. We are hoping to expand our platform nationwide in order to assist those families and individuals through the collaborative process. In order to expand, we need professionals who understand how to collaborate with each other and ultimately help resolve disputes in a timely and amicable way.

Consider joining Best Legal Choices if you:

  • Currently practice Collaborative Process in your area.
  • Want to start practicing Collaborative Process.
  • Are looking for more clients who want resolutions, not more problems.
  • Want to network with other like-minded professionals.
  • Would like to benefit from our strong and growing online presence.


Hear from our members…

A life-changing chance to adopt Collaborative Practice.

First, your profile on will quickly benefit from our growing stream of internet referrals and traffic. Our goal is to become a national authority for collaborative law clients, therefore we are already targeting clients nationwide. Since 71% of qualified referrals come from other professionals, you’ll have a built-in network of legal, financial and mental health professionals nationwide to refer cases to you when clients need a collaboratively minded professional in your area.

Take advantage of our proven strategy for getting more collaborative cases, doubling your hourly billable rate, and reducing stress in your life. Professionally, we help foster stronger collaborative partnerships between professionals and increase public exposure and awareness to the consumers you are trying to reach!

Receive instant access to our brochures, online videos, articles and more for you to share with clients and help build your collaborative network.

Can you count your friends (or at least collaborative professional colleagues) on two hands?

We need a minimum of ten (10) professionals from your area to drive momentum.

You should expect:

  • 1-2 articles per month per local practice group posted on quoting you and your practice group members about SEO-relevant topics.
  • Professional Facebook ad campaigns that will target quality leads in your area, driving about 50% of your local internet traffic.
  • Google AdWords targeted to promote your collaborative practice as listed on, targeted to clients seeking your services!
  • Twice a year, a professional videographer will capture video of your fellow local members and you being interviewed about collaborative process topics. Those videos will be transcribed professionally and posted to the site, increasing your SEO and helping your profile stand out.
  • We will professionally organize at least three events per year at which you will have the opportunity to present to a local crowd of qualified possible clients and “first line of defense” referral sources.
  • Top of mind referral network. If a Best Legal Choices member learns of a need in another city, other members are top of mind.
  • The first 200 of our already-designed brochures delivered to your office to have your professional business card inserted into the brochure when you are handing them out.
  • A website with currently 2,900 visitors per month and growing will point to your website, telling Google and other search engines that your website’s value has increased. With our growth, your website value will raise.

We’re going to grow, and we hope you’re along for this amazing ride! 

Jennifer Moshier


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