Is the collaborative process better for an Arizona divorce?
Written by Mary Ann Hess

Is the collaborative process better for an Arizona divorce?

The collaborative divorce process has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years. This approach can make the divorce easier on everyone involved, especially your kids. Rather than fighting in court, you and your spouse will work together to reach an agreement. This approach is often effective for couples who are still amicable but no longer wish to be married. Read on to learn why the collaborative process might be right for your Arizona divorce.

Easier Communication Working Together

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse won’t have “bulldog” attorneys fighting for you. Instead, your attorneys will help you collaborate in a much more relaxed environment than a courtroom. This makes it easier to reach an agreement. You’ll both feel more comfortable, allowing you to have an open mind and to hear what the other person has to say. With a greater understanding of each other’s wants and needs, you’ll have a much easier time finding a suitable outcome for the divorce.

Depending on your situation, your attorneys may request that a neutral financial professional and a communications coach join the collaborative “team” to help you with the decisions you need to make.

The professionals in the collaborative process are focused on helping you get through the divorce as smoothly as possible. If for some reason you can’t reach an agreement and decide to instead let the courts decide how to settle your case, all of the professionals you used for the collaborative process will be disqualified from providing further assistance. Therefore, it makes sense that they have your best interest in mind when helping you navigate this emotional time.

Speedier Process When Compared to Court

The collaborative process can help your divorce move much more quickly. In a traditional, litigated divorce, you have little control over the court’s schedule and the attorneys often take days or even weeks to exchange even simple communications. In a collaborative divorce, the process is structured so the spouses and their team know exactly when they will be meeting and for what purpose. This structure minimizes the back-and-forth and reduces the time it takes to make decisions.

You and your spouse will often be in the same room together, so all communication will be direct, but with the assistance of your professional team. The more willing you and your spouse are to work through the issues, the faster you’ll be able to finalize your collaborative divorce.

Neutral Professionals

Working with a team of professionals in the collaborative process gives you an unbiased aide to help guide you through your divorce. The goal of collaborative divorce is to reach an agreement that meets the needs of the entire family. Your team can help you see the big picture and identify the things that are most important to you. This way, you won’t waste time fighting over things that don’t matter. Your team will be looking out for your family’s best interests.

Less Disruptive for Your Kids

If you and your spouse have any children together, you’ll certainly want to protect them as much as possible during your divorce. Having their parents split up is always hard on kids, but the collaborative process can make it easier for them. Because the two of you won’t be fighting as much, there won’t be as much stress on your kids. In addition, they’ll see you working together, which can give them reassurance that everything is going to be all right. The transition will likely still pose challenges, but collaborative divorce can help to minimize these challenges.

Learn More about the Collaborative Process

If you’re considering the collaborative process for your Arizona divorce, contact one of the professionals at Best Legal Choices. They will be happy to help you and your spouse make an informed decision about collaborative divorce. Reach out to today to learn more.