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You want the best financial advice during your divorce, but just as your divorce is unique, Financial Neutrals have unique personalities and working styles.

The best divorce Financial Neutral in Phoenix is someone whose personality and ethics are closely aligned with yours. He or she won’t use words like, “We’re going to get you everything you want,” or “We will win this case,” because, alternative options, unknown possibilities, and changes factor into every situation.

You want a professional who will properly set expectations. You want someone who is open and honest about the divorce process, and anyone that gives you concrete answers isn’t telling you the whole truth.

Need a Financial Neutral today?

  • “We own a home together.”
  • “We’ve been married for 27 years. Will I owe spousal maintenance?”
  • “I’m going through a divorce but have not worked in years.”
  • “She wants me to pay a lot of money in child support but we want equal custody.”
  • “He wants to buy a new car but we are about to separate.”
  • “Who decides how our assets get split?”

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