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You want the best divorce lawyer, but just as your divorce is unique, Arizona divorce attorneys have unique personalities and working styles.

The best divorce lawyer in Phoenix is the attorney whose personality and ethics are closely aligned with yours. He or she won’t use words like, “We’re going to get you everything you want,” or “We will win this case,” because, alternative options, unknown possibilities, and changes factor into every divorce.

You want an attorney who will properly set expectations. You want someone who is open and honest about the divorce process, and anyone that gives you concrete answers isn’t telling you the whole truth.

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  • “My wife just served me divorce papers.”
  • “I caught him cheating.”
  • “Our kids see us fight all the time.”
  • “I want to adjust our current divorce.”
  • “She wants full custody but I want to see my kids!”
  • “My ex-husband hired a lawyer and I need one too.”

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