Collaborative Divorce Advantages and Disadvantages
Written by Jennifer Moshier

Collaborative Divorce Advantages & Disadvantages

Divorce in a courtroom may be time-consuming and cost you a lot of money. Some people turn to divorce mediation. Divorce mediation may work for some people but not for all. The only issue with divorce mediation is that an agreement must be made without the help of an attorney. Usually, this results in one part feeling dissatisfied with the outcome or taken advantage of. Collaborative divorce is a better alternative to divorce mediation and litigation.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a divorce option where both parties agree to work together but still have legal protection. Both parties and their attorneys work together to find the best outcome for everyone involved, including your child(ren).

Collaborative divorce settlements are usually reached in a four-way meeting. Each spouse and their attorney meet to discuss issues and come to an agreement. Other professionals, such as financial counselors, communication coaches, and others as needs arise.

The overall goal of collaborative divorce is to satisfy the needs of both parties and your child(ren).

Collaborative divorce comes with many advantages but some disadvantages. Take a look at each to decide if collaborative divorce is right for you.

Collaborative Divorce Advantages

There are many advantages of collaborative divorce, including:

More peaceful than going to court

Collaborative divorce can help you avoid the stress and other problems caused by divorce litigation.

Costs less than divorce litigation

Unlike divorce litigation, collaborative divorce lessens the need for the discovery process. With collaborative divorce, both parties agree to provide information voluntarily. This saves your lawyer time and saves you money.

High Level of Confidentiality

Every paper you file in a court proceeding is public. Collaborative divorce bypasses court proceedings any paperwork filed is typically kept confidential.

Team of experts

Collaborative divorce is the only divorce option that provides you with a team of experts who are always there to help you.

No going back to court

You can reduce post-divorce litigation since both parties created the divorce agreement together. No need to continue fighting years after your divorce. Issues such as parenting time, child support, and more can all be settled before the agreement is drafted.

Healthier relationship after divorce

When both parties can agree on divorce terms and aren’t fighting each other in court it results in healthier relationships after divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Disadvantages

Collaborative disadvantages include:

You must work together and trust each other

With collaborative divorce, both parties much work together and trust each other. However, most marriages fail due to communication and trust issues. So, if you cannot trust your spouse, collaborative divorce might not be right for you.

You must compromise

In divorce litigation, your lawyer goes after what you want. With collaborative divorce, both spouses are working to reach an agreement that works for both parties. This means that you may need to compromise a little to make the agreement possible.

Is not the cheapest divorce option

You may need to hire many experts to reach a settlement. Financial counselors, communication coaches, and other professionals may be needed depending on your situation. This may be a financial hardship for less wealthy couples.

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Best Legal Choices Can Help With Collaborative Divorce

Divorce in court can be emotionally draining, expensive, and harmful to you, your spouse, and your child(ren). But it doesn’t have to be that with collaborative divorce. The collaborative process can make your divorce less expensive, more efficient, and less harmful to everyone involved. At we’ve put together a great team of legal, financial, and communication professionals to help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

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