Chandler divorce attorney
Written by Monica Donaldson Stewart

Chandler divorce attorney helps navigate collaborative divorce

You probably have a million thoughts racing through your mind before you call a Chandler divorce attorney. On top of the usual questions, adding children to the mix can make the decision seem even more overwhelming. Professionals at Best Legal Choices are here to help.

Asking questions early on will help you be more comfortable with what lies ahead. Writing down your questions as they come up will help you remember everything that’s on your mind. A Chandler divorce attorney can help you understand the collaborative divorce process. Be sure to ask your attorney the following questions:

How Can I Get Through This Process Quickly?

Getting through your divorce as painlessly as possible is ideal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that faster is better. This process requires making tough decisions and takes time. However, there are ways to get through it more efficiently.

Remember, the goal of your collaborative divorce is to resolve your disputes and move forward. Your Chandler divorce attorney, along with the rest of your collaborative team, will tell you what they need from you. Above all, a successful collaborative divorce requires a willingness to communicate and cooperate.

What Should I Do to Help My Case?

A Chandler divorce attorney can walk you through the steps to help your case go as smoothly as possible. Collaborative divorce requires both spouses to share financial and personal information openly.

Take time at the beginning of the divorce process to identify what outcome you are hoping to achieve. After that, ask your Chandler divorce attorney about the best path to get there. The professionals at Best Legal Choices can help you identify and achieve your objectives in a way that benefits you, your spouse and your children.

What Should I Avoid Doing?

Sometimes knowing what not to do can be the most important thing. Missteps can hurt or derail the process. Your Chandler divorce attorney is here to guide you.

Communication remains a key to managing a collaborative divorce. A big part of this is knowing what not to say. Making threatening calls, sending hostile texts, or writing critical emails to your spouse will put up roadblocks to an amicable resolution. Social media can have a significant impact on the tone of your divorce as well. There’s no reason to air your family’s dirty laundry online.  Ask your Chandler divorce attorney how to avoid communication problems.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

No matter how much you prepare, you won’t know all of the questions to ask. Your Chandler divorce attorney is here to assist you through this uncertain time. They know the legal system and understand the process of collaborative divorce. They are here to guide you before you even realize you need guidance.

Divorce is difficult; however, working with the right professional who gives you as much information as possible will help you navigate the process.

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