Written by Craig Cherney

Best divorce lawyer in Phoenix

You want the best divorce lawyer, but just as your divorce is unique, Arizona divorce attorneys have unique personalities and working styles.

The best divorce lawyer in Phoenix is the attorney whose personality and ethics are closely aligned with yours. He or she won’t use words like, “We’re going to get you everything you want,” or “We will win this case,” because, alternative options, unknown possibilities, and changes factor into every divorce.

You want an attorney who will properly set expectations. You want someone who is open and honest about the divorce process, and anyone that gives you concrete answers isn’t telling you the whole truth.

The best divorce lawyers won’t tell you they are the best.

15 Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

The first question you should ask a prospective divorce lawyer in Phoenix is, “Will you answer my questions today?” The response should be “Yes.” Here are some standard questions about your divorce and the answers you should receive.

  1. Am I eligible for a collaborative divorce?  Your attorney should explain all divorce options to you, including collaborative divorce. The collaborative divorce process is the best option for many couples.  Once you understand all of your options, you will be able to decide whether a collaborative divorce will work for you.
  2. Do you see going to court as a last resort or a first resort? Going to court is a last resort. If you can save time and money by working together toward a common goal, a collaborative divorce is a good option.
  3. Have you been specially trained in collaborative divorce? Yes. Collaborative divorce attorneys are trained to help you and your spouse work together toward a principled divorce.
  4. How do I contact you? When can I expect you to return my call? Your divorce attorney can’t be available 24/7, but these are reasonable questions and the answer is attorney-specific. If the answer is not compatible with your needs, you may want to look elsewhere.
  5. How long will this take? There’s no way to know because every divorce is different.
  6. How often will we talk? It varies according to need and complexity. There’s no right answer, but your divorce attorney should be able to explain when the next meeting should occur and what target goals are before that meeting.
  7. Do we have to go to court? A collaborative divorce lawyer avoids the courtroom altogether and in fact, is not allowed to represent you should the negotiations break down.
  8. What are my options for divorce? For most people, a collaborative divorce is best for both parties, especially when you will have an ongoing relationship with children and family members.
  9. Is this meeting privileged?  An attorney-client relationship is a legal relationship that usually begins when you meet with an attorney for the first time to provide you legal advice, either in person or by phone.  Communications with your attorney are privileged once you establish an attorney-client relationship.    Merely contacting an attorney’s office to arrange your first meeting usually does not establish the relationship.
  10. My spouse and I already have an agreement. Can you just draft this up for us? The best divorce lawyer should say, “Let’s have a look.”  He or she will then have recommendations and explanations about how to improve your agreement and whether a collaborative divorce can be advantageous to you both.
  11. Should I hide my assets to protect them? No. There can be serious consequences if your spouse discovers you are hiding community assets.  Transparency and full disclosure is better than game-playing and can lead to a speedier divorce.
  12. What are your fees? Whether it’s by the hour or a flat fee, the best divorce lawyer won’t shy away from this question.
  13. What is a communication coach and could one help us? A communication coach is a professional that can help you and your spouse find alternate ways to speak effectively with each other, using a more respectful language.  Your attorney can discuss the benefits of having a communication coach and should be able to recommend one.
  14. Will there be additional costs in addition to your fees? There will be additional fees and your attorney should be able to give you the list up front.
  15. Will you walk us through every step of the process? Yes.

The best divorce lawyer in Phoenix can be yours; someone who understands how this lifestyle change is not easy and wants to help you minimize emotional stress. When you and your attorney share the same goals and want to find positive divorce solutions, you’ve found the “best” divorce lawyer: the right divorce lawyer. Call Best Legal Choices, 800.338.4765 to discuss your Arizona divorce options.

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