A simple divorce is possible
Written by Jennifer Moshier

A simple divorce is possible

Divorce is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be combative or adversarial. If you are considering divorce but aren’t interested in the dreaded courtroom battles, a collaborative divorce may be right for you. A group of professionals will guide you through the process, making a simpler divorce possible.

It’s Not a Competition

Once you’ve told your spouse that you’re ready for divorce, they’ll likely need some time to come to terms with that decision. If the end of your marriage felt more like a constant debate, this may take some time. Once the initial feelings settle, consider whether you and your spouse can work together to brainstorm solutions and compromise in your divorce.

Collaborative divorce isn’t about winning or losing. The goal is to come to a mutually agreeable outcome that allows both you and your spouse to move forward. This can only happen when both spouses are willing to put their differences aside and rely on professionals to facilitate quality communication. Even if you can’t agree on everything, narrowing down the priority issues is a great start.

Communication is Key to a Simple Divorce

Communication is often the hiccup that leads to divorce. However, it’s also key in having a simple divorce. Usually, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that determines the tone of a conversation. Working closely with a communication specialist can allow you to improve your conversation and brainstorming skills, which will benefit you throughout your divorce and as you move forward with your life.

Finding a communication specialist that understands your family dynamics is essential. You want to work with someone you trust and can rely on to help you develop realistic expectations. They will help guide you and your spouse through difficult conversations during your divorce.

If you’re stuck in the routine of fighting about every little detail, you’ll both need to reframe your perspective in order to have an effective collaborative divorce process. Your communication specialist, also called a communication coach, can help you create an open and honest line of communication with your spouse. It’s important to approach these conversations without anger, resentment or frustration. Focus on the future and avoid re-hashing past arguments or assigning any blame for issues within your marriage.

Brainstorm Solutions

Remember, divorce is not a competition with a winning and losing side. The collaborative process paves the way to remove the combative aspect of a traditional courtroom divorce. When you choose a collaborative process for your simple divorce, you’ll have access to attorneys, communication coaches and financial neutrals. The professionals can help you reach an agreement that’s in the best interest of everyone to create a win-win outcome.

Working with a group of professionals who focus on the collaborative process can help both parties navigate this emotionally-charged process in a more peaceful way. Effective communication between you and your spouse can help avoid the emotional and financial hardships often associated with traditional divorce.

If you’re ready to start the process for your simple divorce or would like more information on the collaborative divorce process, contact the professionals at Best Legal Choices today.