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Written by Michelle Ogborne

7 common health issues during divorce

A collaborative divorce can be easier psychologically and emotionally for you, your partner, your kids, and close family and friends. But no divorce has a guaranteed no-stress clause. The act of changing your family dynamics and altering your living conditions is stressful even in the happiest circumstances. You can avoid health issues during divorce by paying closer attention to your body and your feelings.

Common – But Surprising – Health Issues During Divorce

We’ve all experienced some level of anxiety; moving to a new apartment, preparation for that big holiday get-together, your child’s first solo in the school play… Anxiety is normal, but other ways stress can manifest, causing health issues during divorce are surprising.

Cardiovascular Disease

Going through a divorce raises your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, reports Journal of Family Issues. The person who takes the greatest financial hit is the one most likely to struggle with anxiety and depression.

Chemical dependency

The stress of divorce is greater than the stress experienced from the death of a spouse, says Dave Robinson, Ph.D. If you are a smoker, drinker, or occasional drug user, now is a good time to pay attention to your habits. Instead of feeling as if this is the death of your relationship, remember this is a time of rebirth for both of you – your new lives.


You are not a failure! Your partnership is changing. You are okay, and it’s the perfect time to develop a new, positive outlook for your new life. Those who love you and those you love will celebrate the New You.

Metabolic Syndrome

Your body can literally revolt and you may find yourself struggling with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, newly formed abdominal fat and high cholesterol, and even an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. PubMed.gov reported women in unhappy marriages are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than women who are in happier marriages.


Not feeling like going to the gym is typical for divorced couples, but some divorcing people (23%) have mobility issues and find walking or climbing stairs more difficult.


Insomnia and nightmares sometimes occur during a divorce. It could be you, your partner, or one of your children. Read Prevention’s Tips to Sleep Better and consider seeking professional help.

Weight gain/loss

“I forgot to eat” is something you thought you’d never say. Then you look up at the clock; it’s 5:00 p.m., time to go home and not once did it cross your mind to take a break. Other people during divorce become 24/7 foodies, hauling Oreos to bed and walking around with a bag of chips all day.

Healthy Choices Include Collaborative Divorce

Health issues during a divorce can be minimized because collaborative divorce itself has been simplified and structured to help you both complete this transition comfortably. Your uncoupling will be coupled with kindness when you choose collaborative divorce professionals to guide you toward your new lifestyle. Communication coaches, financial professionals, and attorneys work with both of you to help lower stress and achieve overall wellness during a divorce.*

Best Legal Choices of Arizona is your source for legal, communications, and financial professionals to keep your divorce out of the courtroom. The best feeling in the world may very well be the feeling of resolution, and that’s what a collaborative divorce offers, usually more quickly than a contentious divorce. You can once again feel better about life, your future, and each other! Call a professional at Best Legal Choices and learn how the dissolution of a relationship with a collaborative divorce could be your best legal choice.

*Best Legal Choices professionals do not imply nor have the intent to substitute advice/counsel for medical recommendations.