3 fun ways to spend time with the kids after divorce
Written by Michelle Ogborne

3 fun ways to spend time with the kids after divorce

Did you know advertisements for kids’ toys almost always include one or both parents? That’s because marketing “gets” what all of us should know: Your kids want to spend time with you. When they see another child with a toy and mom and dad, they think it’s a package deal. The toy can give them what they want.

Your desire to spend time with your kids won’t change after your divorce is final. Because you and your ex are now co-parenting, you may have less time with the kids. This means you’ll have to focus on quality, not quantity. Everyone wins when you use your time to make memories for your family. Here’s how:

1. Begin an Adventure Together

Your time with the kids is so valuable, you’ve got to make the most of it as often as possible. Starting a new project or activity together is one way. As you gain proficiency and skill or make progress on a new project, you’ll be making memories.

You don’t have to book a jungle zipline to have an adventure. The journey from start to finish of a complicated jigsaw puzzle can be extremely satisfying. How you spend time with the kids should be age-appropriate and rewarding. Here are some ideas:

  • Camp outdoors.
  • Cook creative meals.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • On a rainy day, go outside and find puddles. Then, make a splash!
  • Start a craft project.
  • Take a class together; skiing or photography, for example.
  • Work together (leaf pickup, window-washing, etc.).

2. Let Your Kids Plan Your Time Together

When you suggest your children plan the next activity, don’t be surprised to hear something from their imagination.

You have two choices: You can suggest something more realistic or journey with them and their imagination. Plan it, discuss strategies and why they may not work, then talk about any challenges associated with actually doing it.

With a bit of structure and imagination, you can use what your kids want to do and make it happen. “Not only do children have loads of inspirational, out-of-the-box ideas, they also get super excited about specifics,” says JetBlue in Why You Should Let Your Kid Plan the Next Family Vacation.

JetBlue continues to say not to let the kids have complete free reign “…unless you want to spend your vacation in a house in Narnia.”

3. Quiet Time With the Kids

A “date” is a special time together. Families can have dates, too. Your time with the kids doesn’t have to have the excitement of an amusement park. It can be a quiet time. Turn your cellphone off. The object is to focus completely on the kids.

Raising Lifelong Learners offers 100 ideas for a “date” with your kids. Here are 15:

  1. Bake and take cookies to the fire station or police dept.
  2. Buy something silly at the dollar store.
  3. Create a recipe.
  4. Get a manicure/pedicure.
  5. Go out for after-dinner dessert.
  6. Go to a museum.
  7. Grocery shop.
  8. Paint pictures, pottery or even a wall.
  9. Play in the water at the beach.
  10. Practice manners by going to a fancy restaurant.
  11. Schedule a game night.
  12. See a movie.
  13. Take a nature walk.
  14. Go fishing (Kids really love fishing!).
  15. Visit a petting zoo.

DIY Divorce in Arizona

Kids’ wonderful thoughts are often “outside the box.” That’s how collaborative divorce professionals think, too. Because each divorce is so unique, there’s no cookie-cutter method that works.

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